Coronavirus News Update

Covid 19 And Your Pets


Dear Clients,

We wanted to reach out to let you know we are monitoring this situation in order to properly implement the latest recommendations of our local health officials. In addition, we are keeping current with new information as it may pertain to our pets.

The latest recommendations are that if you are sick with a respiratory illness, take the same type of precautions around pets as you would do with family members in your home. Interactions are unavoidable, but try not to cough, sneeze, etc., directly on your pets. Wash your hands frequently before and after petting your pet as well. See below for the link to the AVMA guidelines. There has been some concern that the disease could be contagious to pets although the information about this is far from definitive. The situation is dynamic and rapidly changing so what we say today could be outdated tomorrow. So please check back here often as well as the links provided at the bottom of this page.

In an effort to accommodate our clients that may be “at risk” and for those who are unable or who prefer not to come to our office for their pet's exam, we would like to implement a telemedicine and/or phone consultation service. We will schedule these appointments just like a regular exam. These types of consultations will be possible only for issues that can be addressed in either a visual and/or conversational manner. We also will only be able to offer this service to active clients that have a current doctor-patient relationship. This is defined by our state licensing board as follows:
WAC 246-933-200 Veterinary-client-patient relationship. In particular, paragraph 1.b.i, “that the veterinarian has examined the animal(s) within the last year, or sooner if medically appropriate.”

All of us at Aurora Veterinary Hospital are taking the same precautions for ourselves and our families, as many of you are doing. We will not charge cancellation fees for an exam, so please call to cancel or modify your appointment if you’re feeling sick to avoid spreading a virus to staff members and clients here.

We wish everyone good health for both people and pets. Thanks for working with us as we all do our best to navigate the current situation.

Dr. Andrew Bernstein and the entire staff of AVH

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